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In year 2008, Hong Kong Government reduced import taxes on wines to 0%, together with growing of domestic consumption in Hong Kong and expanding demand in mainland China and other Asian markets. Hong Kong is poised to become Asia's centre for the wine trade.



Jovenstars International Logistics (Former Joisen International Logistics) offers customer oriented, comprehensive and professional wine storage, as well as domestic distribution and logistics management. We have a climate-controlled facilities warehouse and professional wine transport distribution fleet which can provide a ”one-stop” wine logistics solutions as well as other value added services.

駿星國際物流(前者 駿誠國際物流提供以客戶為導向,全面專業的葡萄酒儲藏,以及本地配送和物流管理。我們擁有一個全天候控制的倉庫和專業的葡萄酒運輸配送車隊,可以提供“一站式”的葡萄酒物流解決方案以及其他增值服務。


Jovenstars International Logistics specifically provides value for money warehousing, domestic distribution and other value added services. Jovenstars International Logistics is your wine storage and the best logistics business partner. 

駿星國際物流專門提供物有所值的倉儲,本地配送和其他增值服務。 駿星國際物流是您的葡萄酒儲藏和最好的物流業務合作夥伴。


New 17,000 sq.ft. Ambient warehouse storage is available now, please contact Mr. Alan Wong for details.

全新 17,000 平方呎乾貨倉儲現以投入服務,詳情請聯絡黃先生。


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